Pete Sigmund

   Guitarist Singer Songwriter

A little About Me 
Born and raised in South St Louis, I always had an attraction to music and as I got a little older, this instrument called the guitar. I learned the basics of music in lessons, school choir and band finally getting my first acoustic guitar and my first electric. Being a child of the 60’s and 70’s in St Louis my influences were very broad, from ethnic European music at home to school band to rebel St Louis radio stations long gone. Once the guitar became the instrument of choice it wasn’t long before the jamming and basement bands started. But it wasn’t until my late teens after putting the guitar down for a while I started getting a little more serious getting involved in bands and the local club scene. As the years have gone by the guitar and music have just become a part of my life, meeting other musicians, playing and recording in situations that have come my way and are fun to be a part of. Which brings me to where I am today, singing and playing the Blues and Classics in my own versions that I love so much and that I share with all of you at all of my performances. Whether it's electric, acoustic, or collaborating with anyone who wants to, in a band or solo, it's something that’s in me that I like to share.